Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Mis Hydref/ October 2014

Wedi lladd y gwair ar gyfer ei hadu gyda 'meadow mix'.
Ni fydd llawer o liw y flwyddyn nesa. Ond y flwyddyn ganlynol gobeithio am flachiadau o goch a melyn gan y blodau.

The grass on this bank has been sprayed and raked to remove nutrients so making the soil suitable for a meadow seed mixture. Yellow rattle will, we hope weaken the grass to allow meadow flowers to germinate and provide a sea of colour and nectar for the bees.


Mae'r Helianthus yma tua 5 troedfedd o uchder ac yn rhoi lliw i'r ardd ar ddechrau'r hydref.  Mae'n werthfawr, oherwydd mae'n creu uchder yn y borderi ac yn rhoi neithdar i'r gwenyn.

Grown for its early autumn colour, this Helianthus stands approximately 5 feet tall and provides height within the border.
As its name implies (Helios- Sun) it lightens a dark corner and provides pollen and nectar for the bees.

Old fashioned Hydrangea

This Hydrangea was a cutting from a friend.  It has large solid blooms which, if picked at the right time and dried naturally, will provide colour and structure for an indoor everlasting flower arrangement.  I have been known to use it in its dried state as part of a Christmas arrangement.

October is the month in which you should plant your bulbs.  We have been busy planting allium and daffodil bulbs within the borders and on the grassy bank.  We scatter the bulbs and plant them where they land.  This gives a natural feel to the planting.

Enghraifft o beth mae'r ardd wedi cynhyrchu eleni.

Produce from the garden include sweet peas, tomatoes, grapes from the vine in the greenhouse and an abundance of autumn fruiting raspberries which were newly planted this year.  We are very pleased with the variety 'Polka' as the fruit is sweet and firm.

Ond dyma seren yr ardd adeg yma'r flwyddyn.  Mae'r Acer yma oddeutu cant oed ac yn tyfu ar y graig wrth gefn y ty.

The leaves on this Acer turn bright red as soon as it gets a touch of frost and is magnificent for about a week or so, or until autumnal wind and rain detach the leaves and leave an equally magnificent skeleton of branches.

Early morning mist over Dolgellau